Poloniex Solves $70,000 Account Balance Issue After Reddit Complaint

Some Poloniex users are getting fed up with the company right now. Ever since the platform saw an influx of new users, the number of issues started piling up. GpuShack President, Alexander Levin, is one of the people who has taken issue with Poloniex. According to his statement, he is no longer able to access his account and there has been no response from support for nearly a month now.

Another Major Complaint About Poloniex

As if the DDoS issues and ZCash problems were not enough to keep people away from Poloniex, this latest piece of information may do the trick. A new Reddit post appeared earlier today, in which the ethOS founder -and GpuShack President- Alexander Levin explains his grievances with the company. More specifically, his account balance is worth $70,000, but he cannot access his account, have the funds transferred. He also is unable to get any response from the Poloniex support team.

These issues became apparent when Levin received an email claiming how someone tried to access his Poloniex account. This “hacker” also tried to withdraw funds to an unknown address. The transfer was blocked thanks to withdrawal confirmation being set up by Levin. The funds are still safe in his account, but the problems do not end there. Keeping large amounts of money in a Poloniex account is asking for trouble sooner or later.

To make matters even worse, it also appears the hacker successfully activated two-factor authentication on Levin’s account. It is unclear why he did not enable it himself in the first place. Having the 2FA protection removed is virtually impossible right now unless Poloniex support intervenes in the matter. They are not inclined to do so, by the look of things, as this issue has been unresolved for over a month now. That is completely unacceptable in this day and age.

Despite sending numerous support tickets to Poloniex, the company has not responded once. It also can be seen as a sign of how the exchange is dealing with some insolvency issues, although that is mere speculation at this point in time. Withdrawal delays, wallets being taken offline, and other system issues result in a major problem for Poloniex and their users. No one would be surprised if the company does not have the necessary funds to honor all withdrawals at the same time.

Thankfully, it seems the matter finally got resolved after Levin took his frustration to Reddit. It is amazing how much work can be done all of a sudden when this information is shared with the public. It seems Poloniex staffers are more active on Reddit than through their own support portal at times. Levin managed to get funds out successfully, which is the most important part. However, seeing this popular altcoin exchange struggle so much because they are unwilling to improve customer support is very troublesome.