Poloniex Acquires Low-Volume TRON DEX TRXMarket

The overall use of decentralized exchanges, or DEXes, is noteworthy. Poloniex acknowledges this trend and decided to acquire TRXMarket. 

Contrary to what some think, most DEXes are not completely decentralized.

Poloniex Scoops up a Competitor

More often than not, they are still run by a handful of team members overseeing coin listings.

Otherwise, it would not have been possible for Poloniex to acquire TRXMarket in any way.

This TRON-based DEX has been around for quite some time now.

However, it was only a matter of time until Poloniex decided to make its intentions clear.

The company recently spun out from Circle, with the help of Tron founder Justin Sun.

Keeping that in mind, it is evident that this acquisition is not a random event.

It is believed that this process will result in $30m of funds changing hands. 

It appears the TRON-based DEX will undergo a name change as part of the acquisition.

The new platform will be known as Poloni DEX, which is also accessible to all Poloniex users by default.

The big question is why Poloniex wants this platform compared to other DEXes.

TRXMarket has very little trading volume since day one, with no real improvements occurring since it was launched.

Even so, it seems this was part of the deal made with Justin Sun several months ago.

Giving more users access to this platform’s decentralized trading might help improve its overall liquidity in the long run.