Plea Agreement Likely for Former ISU Employee Turned Hacker

A plea agreement has been rendered in the case where a former Indiana State University employee was charged in connection with several computer offences against ISU. Judge John Roach has not yet replied to the plea agreement submitted to the court by Jason Hindle’s attorney.

Hindle worked at the university as a website content developer. He was fired in March, and was being accused of modifying the university website to cause the user to see a blank white screen. It was said that he did this in order to get the university to call him to fix the problem. He was officially charged with computer trespassing.

The charges don’t actually sound all that serious, but the particular site he messed with was one of the only ways the University has to notify its populous of emergencies, and any new news that would be important. The University has said that since the problem was found so fast, and fixed, and updated; that no one’s safety was put at risk.

The investigation began in April, after the website was found to be compromised. Assisted by Carbon Town Marshall Ron Keen, university police served the search warrant at Hiddle’s home. In an affidavit, it says Hiddle told ISU officer that his intention was to make the program, after logging in, cause the user to see a blank white screen. He also said he hoped that the university would call him to fix it, because he was the creator of the programs. Hiddle also admitted to using a co-worker’s username and password to access the network.

Since his arrest, Hiddle was released on a personal bond after his arraignment in Vigo Superior Court 1. The timeframe in which the Judge has to respond to the case is 90 days, by U.S. law.

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