Playkey Decentralizes Gaming on the Cloud

There are a lot of tokens predicated on the decentralization of the video gaming space and esports. None of them, however, answer the problem of high end computing in the gaming space for low end computer users. This in, itself, is a type of centralized dilemma that requires gamers to invest thousands in their own equipment for a quality gaming experience.

Playkey is a cloud gaming service that allows players to “rent” gaming rigs for a set fee. As of now, they are a centralized service that accepts currency for gaming time. With the introduction of a decentralized business model, Playkey is offering an ICO of their own with an ERC-20 token for a decentralized gaming ecosystem based partly on the ethereum platform in its early stages.

The token is called PKT (Playkey tokens). And it is the gateway to high end computing for the 81% of 2.2 billion gamers that do not have access or funds for high end gaming rigs. Playkey will introduce 100 million PKT in total. However they plan on making 60 million available to purchasers in the ICO. That leaves 40 million locked for the development team and their marketing purposes. Each available PKT will sell for 0.004 ETH. The project is capped at 240,000 ETH total with an offering of bonus PKT based on how early investors stake.

After the sale and in the company’s early stages, PKT is earned or “mined” by servers and private providers of gaming computers that must first fit Playkey’s minimum requirements for gaming. Miners then set fees that they think are competitive based on region and demand. Games will pick mining rigs that provide the best ping, user experience, and price per their location. Here is already a prototype video showing how the Playkey p2p client works.  In its early stages, Playkey Foundation looks to foster a mining community with advice on prices for different localities.

PKT will be the only accepted currency of Playkey to ensure that the company decentralizes in its early stages. Later, PKT use will include purchasing servers, providing incentives to affiliates, fostering esports, and further decentralizing its marketing efforts.

In its later stages, PKT will also focus on VR, decentralized gaming, and the non gaming space. However, for now, in the early stages, they are all in on gaming and are offering support to over 250 different titles from an international gaming community including Ubisoft, Bethesda, Wargaming, Riot Games, and Oculus in СIS and Russia, and a little bit shorter roster –  to the UK.

The ethereum platform is not scaled to allow the amount of transactions that Playkey expects to maintain. So, for now, Playkey offers a hybridized on and off chain solution for decentralization of the gaming space in its early phases. Users may either purchase their PKT from the Playkey site or scour exchanges like Sia, Lykke, Cryptopia, or CoinExchange for a good deal.  Playkey will maintain a few servers dedicated to mining as well. These are the same servers that will auction for PKT.

Playkey offers real solutions to a congested mining space that offers less and less BTC and ETH for more computation. Playkey miners will have a chance to earn more on computations that their gaming rig will likely be designed for. This may come as a relief to a plethora of investors and developers of the semiconductor space of NVDIA and AMD. Playkey maintains that their miners could earn up to two to three times more with Playkey mining.

This ICO features a team with a corporation that has had a track record of five years since their founding in 2012. One of its lead advisors, Evgeny Lvov, stated that: “Playkey’s business model is scalable. The company has already proven positive unit economics.” The team seems confident in its service to 3 million so far. And they are looking to service 10 million in three years in their simultaneous global expansion.

Their team is crossing the Rubicon and burning their ships, figuratively, this November 1st. And they plan to torch any tokens they do not sell, as well.

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