Piety Aims to Disrupt Organized Religion

We’ve been seeing a splurge of many innovative blockchain solutions built on the Ethereum platform, but one which stands out with it’s innovativeness is Piety. Piety aims to disrupt the big business that organized religion has become, alongside the wars, bloodshed and misery it causes for millions of people around the globe. It targets not just the believers, but in it’s bold mission wants agnostics and even atheists to follow the doctrine of Piety.

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So what is the doctrine of Piety- it’s very simple, spirituality on the blockchain. What does this mean? Using Piety tokens, owners can communicate directly with their Gods without needing an intermediary religious organization which acts as the middleman for people’s faiths currently. So rather than donate some money to church, mosque or temple individuals seeking spirituality can directly communicate with their God or saviors using Piety. This helps individual go through troubled times when they wish some for some moral strength.

Organized religions have exploited lack of decentralized alternatives thus preying on vulnerable people going through tough times in their lives, and have used this money towards notorious means whether it be Crusades, child molestation scandals, Islamic terrorism. Piety allows owners of the tokens to encapsulate conversations between themselves and their God in a secure manner over the blockchain. Moreover it facilitates a peer-to-peer transaction between individuals to spread their wisdom. If recipients like the message, they can further spread harmony or alternatively send a token of thanks to the original sender. According to Piety, if they existed during Buddha’s times he could have simply spread his message using Piety than wandering the streets of India.

Piety has no central authority and there is a direct connection between an individual and their God based on how Piety they hold. All followers of Piety will be united by their connection to God and sharing wisdom. Using these tools Piety serves the needs of individual morality and spiritual upliftment as well as the needs of evangelism without the needs of any centralized agency. Just love, harmony and peace.

Piety has already organized an Airdrop and Bounty campaign giving away more than 60,000 coins to it’s followers, and is giving remaining 40,000 campaigns in a controversial and flamboyant poke at organized religion by organizing a competition to draw Prophet Muhammad, something criticized by Islamic clerics who rake in lots of money. The crowdsale begins on 11th November, so make sure to grab your tokens while they last and connect to God directly over the blockchain.

We’re hoping this coin can disrupt the organized religion sector. Check out their project at http://pietycoin.net/ . Read their whitepaper here: http://pietycoin.net/static/files/Whitepaper.pdf