PhotoBTC Review – Buy Photos with Bitcoin

PhotoBTC is a marketplace for photography. As an artist you can upload images to PhotoBTC and receive payment in Bitcoin instantly once someone purchases your photo. Unlike other popular stock photography sites which offer anywhere form a flat commision of $0.25 cents (Shutterstock) to a range between 10-60% for royalty, PhotoBTC is able to provide an 80% royalty rate which is the highest of all similar marketplaces. Furthermore, no registration is needed in order to start using the service.

Ease Of Use


Navigating to takes you to their homepage where you are able to search for pictures. I searched for Bitcoin and came up with 4 pictures. The selection could be bigger but the site was only announced last week on bitcointalk. I chose a picture that I liked and decided to buy it, the price was 0.25$ which is incredibly cheap compared to the other big named stock photography sites such as shutterstock, which charge as much as $200 a month for a license to download 25 pictures a day. If you download the full 25 pictures a day each picture ends up costing you around $0.25 but most of us only download 3-4 pictures a day, which end up costing us as much as $2 a day.



The checkout process is simple, before downloading the photo you have an option to buy it for a flat fee of 0.25$ with the standard license, or buy an extended license for $25 which allows the use of the picture for over 500,000 print runs to use on commerical products such as Tshirts, Coffe Mugs, Posters, etc.


After selecting your license you are able to download the picture anoymously or sign up for an account. I chose to download the picture anonymously.


You are then presented with a Bitcoin address to send payment to. Wait a few seconds after sending the Bitcoin and it will take you to the final page where you are now able to download the photo.



Just like that you are done! The picture I bought is the one featured in this article. One issue is that the picture appears pixelated but that is an issue with the author of the picture rather than the marketplace.

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