How Pets Fit Into the Metaverse

The metaverse is the new technology craze in town.  Also called cyberspace, the metaverse is a broad spectrum of technology and human interaction.  This category includes virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms, video games, and NFTs.  Right now, the metaverse is worth billions of dollars and is expected to grow at a jaw-dropping rate.  The key growth driver is a rising focus on connecting digital and physical worlds through the internet.  


One growing niche in the metaverse is pets.  When people integrate into the metaverse with their avatars, many want to bring their pets with them.  This desire has led to the creation of metapets, or avatar representations of real-life pets.  These are created using holographic images and other 3D imaging technologies.  Chipped pets can be monitored remotely through avatars, allowing distant owners to feel connected to their furry friends.  


A second metaverse option for pets is a fully digital pet.  These avatars are not tied to any real animals, and they allow users to experience some aspects of pet ownership without physically owning a pet.  That way, people incapable of fulfilling pet owner responsibilities can still find some joy in their companionship.


There are several metaverse platforms exploring both options for integrating pets into the metaverse.  MetaPets allows people to design and own digital pets.  Users can enjoy constant companionship without worrying about allergies or other stumbling blocks.  Since metapets can’t die in the way real animals can, the grief of losing a pet can be avoided.  MetaGochi is the biggest virtual pet Metaverse platform.  Named after the Tamagotchi game from the ‘90s, MetaGochi lets people train their pets to compete in games and earn NFT eggs and items to be used in the game.  These companies represent the potential to bring beloved aspects of human life into the metaverse.

Pets and the Metaverse Infographic