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Peatio – open source cryptocurrency exchange

What is Peatio?

Peatio is an open source cryptocurrency exchange project. It is a widely contributed project which received 467 stars and 188 forks on it’s github page. There are quite a few exchanges already using the Peatio platform which include:

1、Yunbi Exchange – A crypto-currency exchange funded by BitFundPE
2、One World Coin
3、Bitspark – Bitcoin Exchange in Hong Kong
4、Yes-BTC – Bitcoin Exchange in Taiwan
6、Coinplus – Bitcoin Exchange in South Korea

Benefit of Open Source

The main benefit of an open source project is that it is usually much more secure. That is attributed to the fact that the code is open for the public to view and security is achieved not through obscurity but through proper math and cryptography. As a result, it would create a new security standard for exchanges, which in turn might reduce the amount of hacking incidents related to bitcoin exhcanges.

A perfect example of  how secure open source applications can be is bitcoin. Anybody can view bitcoin’s core and compile a node of his own, but nobody can magically generate fraudulent bitcoin to be magically accepted by the block chain*. After all, there is a $4 billion market cap which depends on the software not having any fatal vulnerabilities.

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The platform is built on Ruby on Rails and contains the following features:

  • Designed as high performance crypto currency exchange.
  • Built-in high performance matching-engine.
  • Built-in Proof of Solvency Audit.
  • Built-in ticket system for customer support.
  • Usability and scalibility.
  • Websocket API and high frequency trading support.
  • Support multiple digital currencies (eg. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin etc.).
  • Easy customization of payment processing for both fiat and digital currencies.
  • SMS and Google Two-Factor authenticaton.
  • KYC Verification.
  • Powerful admin dashboard and management tools.
  • Highly configurable and extendable.
  • Industry standard security out of box.
  • Active community behind.
  • Free and open-source.
  • Created and maintained by Peatio open-source group.



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I'm a 28 year old cryptocurrency entrepreneur. I was introduced to Bitcoin in 2013 and have been involved with it ever since. Fun Fact: I mined cryptocurrency using my college dorm room's free electricity.

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