Paypal New Policy Terms Regarded as Draconian By Some Users

Paypal has told its customers that starting from November 19, new policies and amendments will be included in the company’s legal agreements. 

For the last two days, Paypal has been alerting its users about incoming updates of its legal agreements (Terms and conditions) with customers. The new policies have sparked some polemic among users in social media. Specifically, the section 4.4 of the document became one of the most talked about points of the announcement. Section 4 refers to ‘Non-discouragement’ which states:

A. In representations to your customers or in public communications, you shall not mischaracterise or disparage PayPal as a payment method.

Paypal also demands its customers to avoid placing Paypal behind other payment methods:

B. If you enable your customers to pay you with PayPal, you shall treat PayPal’s payment mark at least at par with other payment methods offered.

Under the new terms and conditions, Paypal will also be granted the right to use its customers business name, trademarks, and logos in all of the company’s websites, mobile and web applications.

The term’s updates are comprehensive across all procedures, for example, the customer’s protection policies will also change to exclude certain types of products and services:


It is possible that such changes may impact the limited part of the Bitcoin ecosystem that interacts with Paypal (some exchanges and Peer-to-peer transactions) as the cryptocurrency falls into the ‘c’ category of the list.

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