Panda.Earth Launches To Raise Awareness With a Decentralized Collectible Game

Panda.Earth is a blockchain game focused on the preservation of pandas. Users can breed, exchange, and collect pandas from their PC or smartphone.

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Official partnership

Authorized by the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda, Panda.Earth will become a digital simulation of real pandas on the blockchain.

The simulation’s top priority is awareness of the beloved furry creatures. While pandas are no longer an endangered species, less than 2,000 in the wild remain.

Integrated into the game will be information about how pandas live, propagate, as well as info about  their distribution. The game will also advocate for other endangered species.

Community members can also feel good knowing that while they are learning more about pandas, Panda.Earth will be donating a part of their revenue to panda protection agencies to support research and breeding of pandas in the real world.

Revenue is generated whenever a Gen 0 panda is purchased, which are released every 60 minutes. The platform also takes a 5% commission on each transaction within the marketplace.

Players, or Guardians as they’re called, will interact with each other in this game. Guardians will breed and exchange pandas, and collect the rare pandas as well.

Users can also trade pandas on the market, using “bamboo”. Bamboo acts as an in-game currency, which players can earn by obtaining territory.

For those looking to collaborate, guardians can form tribes. Tribes fight against each other, and outcome of these fights will determine the distribution of resources within the game.

Smart contracts to ensure fairness

The breeding process uses a proprietary genetic algorithm, based on real-world data. Smart contracts are used to make offspring unique, making each panda a collectible for gamers.

The game utilizes real-world data and outputs it onto the blockchain network. Thanks to this data, Panda.Earth is the top decentralized database for panda facts. There are 100 digital pandas as of now.

Cryptokitties and Crypto pandas

Unlike CryptoKitties, Panda.Earth is not a pseudo-blockchain game. They both are ERC-721 tokens, meaning they are both non-fungible tokens.

While Cryptokitties only used the blockchain to settle transactions and store game data and gameplay in centralized locations, Panda.Earth is building an autonomous ecosystem for the entire network.

Panda.Earth has set up a cross-platform exchange, allowing users of Cryptokitties to exchange for pandas and vice versa. The exchange will be mutually beneficial, increasing interest in both games.

The system will be governed by smart contracts to ensure fairness, and are constantly updated by community feedback.

Panda.Earth launched earlier this month on May 8th. To help boost player adoption, players who signup during this early stage of community building will receive a batch of crypto pandas for free.

There is no word on when the mobile versions of the game will be released. PC users can sign up and begin playing now, however.

To learn more about Panda.Earth, visit their website. To chat with the community and team members, visit their Discord and Telegram channel. For social media, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.