P2P Exchange Bitsquare Adds Support for Gridcoin and 14 Other Digital Currencies, Raises Trade Limits

Bitsquare, one of the most promising P2P digital currency exchange projects, has released a new update today that adds support for several new cryptocurrencies: Monero, Maker, DAO, STEEM, BigUp, PlatinumBar, Jumbucks, Pinkcoin, OKCash, Moin, SolarCoin, Shift, Europecoin, PostCoin and GridCoin.

The new update, which was released by Bitsquare founder and developer Manfred Karrer, also bumped up trading limits on all trading pairs on the exchange; 2 BTC for alternative currency trades; 1.5 BTC for OKPay trades; 0.75 BTC for fiat-based Bank trades; 1 BTC for all other transactions.

In addition to fixing various technical bugs in the code, Bitsquare now supports EUR transfers for countries in the SEPA region that still have their own national currencies. The update also added customizable bank account forms for various countries:  Brazil, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Bitsquare launched its first beta version on the 27th of April, 2016, after 2 years of development and three months of testing. The innovative exchange uses a P2P network to match buyers and sellers. There is no client data stored on Bitsquare’s IT infrastructure, so trader funds are not at risk of hacking or theft. Digital currency trades on the exchange are handled via multi-signature wallets, with arbiters handling any potential complications or disputes.

The Bitsquare GitHub states:

“Because the national currency portion of any trade must be transferred via traditional means such as a wire transfer, Bitsquare incorporates first-class support for human arbitration to resolve any errors or disputes.”

Anyone can start trading on Bitsquare by downloading and installing the platform, users are not required to provide any personal information, not even an email address is required, “There’s no verification, no KYC/AML requirements, and that’s possible because Bitsquare is not holding funds.” said Manfred Karrer, in a video interview with The Daily Decrypt, last month.


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