Overview of Fight to Fame

The combat sports industry has gained considerable momentum in the last decade. And with the advancement of technology, Blockchain-based company Fight To Fame has now entered this circuit and has been organizing Mixed Martial Arts events across the world. 

This company has been combining the interesting combination of Blockchain, Movies, and Sports. Candidates with good combat fighting skills, irrespective of their nationality, financial status, or religion can take part in this competition. They will have to qualify and meet certain standards in the game to get an entry to this entertainment platform. 

The game format is that of a reality show with some top-notch fighting skills. The winner of this show will not only bag the Fight to Fame trophy but will also be offered a lucrative role in a top Hollywood action movie.

What is Fight to Fame?

Fight to Fame can be described as a platform that brings fighters from around the world on one stage and gives them an opportunity to get a role in a Hollywood flick. The action stars who come here are from different fields like wrestling, boxing, bodybuilding, etc. and they come here to gain recognition by winning the competition. This reality show basically helps top fighters to gain access to some of the best Hollywood movies. They get to work with some of the best production houses and directors.

The project was started in the year 2017 with some of the top fighters in the world. Since then there has been no looking back for the event as many fighters have joined in and the audiences are supporting this. The event has also gained a lot of support in terms of sponsorships and respect from different fields.

Anyone who wants to become an action reality star is invited to participate in the platform. The registration process here is free and easy. They will just have to provide contact and physical details to get to Fight to Fame competition.

Fight to Fame Connections

Fight to Fame has partnered with many Hollywood production houses, so the winner of this game will get work in some Hollywood blockbuster movies. Some of the top ambassadors of the fighting industry have collaborated with the event.

Fight to Fame has come up with a unique business model namely Fight to Fame BMS or Blockchain, Movies, and Sports. So, it can be easily understood that the event combines two of the major elements of the entertainment industry like movies and sports. Blockchain technology consists of a number of startups as it brings in a lot of transparency. The user of the Fight to Fame (FF) platform who have FF token gives them front row seats to the entertainment platform.

Boxing and MMA have been under the control of a few selected promoters. Fighters who participate here are often asked to do questionable things so that they can gain recognition. The event is more about seeking attention and entertaining people than doing training and fighting with authenticity.