Overclockers UK Has Stopped Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Now and then, a merchant who used to accept Bitcoin stops dealing with cryptocurrency payments. There is not always a particular reason for this, albeit it can usually be attributed to a lack of consumer adoption. Overclockers UK, a very popular platform for computer hardware, has stopped accepting Bitcoin. So far, there has not been an official announcement as to why this decision was made.

No More Bitcoin For Overclockers UK

It is always disappointing to see retailers no longer accept Bitcoin payments. This is particularly true when there has not been any official explanation as to why the option was removed. Not having enough customers who pay in Bitcoin is one possible reason, albeit when companies do not advertise the option, that is only to be expected.

Overclockers UK is a very popular place to buy computer parts. Although Bitcoin is not just created for the geekier crowd, a lot of people in the community have a passion for computers and hardware. It only makes sense to see companies who sell computers and other hardware accept bitcoin payments along the way.


Until recently, Overclockers UK was on that list, as they accepted Bitcoin payments for quite some time now. However, it appears that is no longer the case, as one Reddit user pointed out. A rather worrisome turn of events, as it goes to show very few people seem to be spending cryptocurrency on a recurring basis.

While it is true people can only buy so many computer parts with Bitcoin every year, there is no cost involved in accepting this alternative payment method. Most payment processors will only charge  a fee when incoming transactions need to be converted. Removing the option entirely could hurt turnover, albeit it may only be a minimal difference for some companies.

The bigger problem is how very few of these companies openly advertise their acceptance of Bitcoin payments. Although those involved in cryptocurrency will usually know about these options, the average consumer does not. It is difficult to grow the ecosystem when participating partners are doing nothing to show their support in a public manner.

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