Over 16 Million Bitcoins Mined as Blockchain.info Surpasses 10 Million Wallets Milestone

Bitcoin has been reaching several important milestones in quick succession as of late. Not only was the 16 millionth BTC mined yesterday, but Blockchain.info has surpassed the 10 million Bitcoin wallet milestone. It is evident for all to see that Bitcoin is growing into a mainstream ecosystem, even though there is still a very long way to go.

Two New Bitcoin Milestones In One Week

Other than the increasing Bitcoin price, several other important parts of the ecosystem are evolving in a similar trend. The amount of coins mined today recently surpassed the 16 million mark. Keeping in mind that there will only be 21 million coins by 2140, the current supply of 16 million BTC becomes all the more valuable. After all, the easy mining gains have come to an end since the last block reward halving.

Although there are still 5 million coins to be generated, Bitcoin is transitioning into a far more mature ecosystem than it was a few years ago. Despite the majority of coin owners looking at BTC as an investment vehicle, the growing number of retailers accepting Bitcoin payments shows that there is a demand to use it as a payment option. With lower fees for retailers, it only makes sense for them to accept Bitcoin payments.

But there is another milestone that people should not overlook. Blockchain.info, the world’s leading Bitcoin wallet provider, announced that they have surpassed the 10 millionth Bitcoin wallet generated through their platform. Do keep in mind that this does not mean that all of these addresses are actively being used right now, but indicates the total number of address ever created.

Making the Blockchain.info wallet more user-friendly is the company’s primary objective right now. Earlier this month, they partnered with Coinify to improve the wallet user experience. Even though 10 million addresses is quite a significant milestone, Bitcoin still needs more mainstream traction before it can become a global payment method used on a daily basis.

Various financial and political events around the world have contributed to the growth of Bitcoin in recent months.  This makes the 10 million wallet milestone anything but a coincidence. Consumers all over the world are looking for alternative financial investment opportunities, and Bitcoin is the only fit not controlled by governments or political parties.

Even though Bitcoin has not replaced traditional finance, it does not need to. There is room for cryptocurrency and traditional options to coexist, giving consumers and enterprises an additional option to deal with payments. Undeniably, though, certain regions, are warming up to using Bitcoin as a payment tool.

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