Oracle’s Point-of-Sale Division Breached By Russian Hackers

A group of Russian hackers managed to breach Oracle’s payment system, stealing hundreds of customer credentials and data in the process. The attack affected the company’s point-of-sales credit card payment systems.

News broke when security analyst Brian Krebs –also an ex-reporter for the Washington Post– originally reported the attack. The software giant Oracle Corporation ended up admitting the veracity of the reports. The security breach target Micros, a company acquired by Oracle two years ago.


Oracle acknowledged the reports:

[we ]detected and addressed malicious code in certain legacy MICROS systems.

The company also asked all MICROS customers to reset their passwords for the MICROS online support portal. The attack performed on Oracle’s systems included the injection of malicious malware code in the aforementioned Micro’s online support website.

Names, passwords, and other user credentials were exposed in the security breach. More alarmingly, malware may have affected thousands of users –MICROS systems are used in more than 330,000 point-of-sales terminals, which Oracle supposedly addressed–.

The attack also may have affected devices interacting with credit cards. In any case, sources close to the investigation say that Oracle considers that the breach is contained to a limited amount of servers and computers in the company’s retail branch. The corporation also stated that the cloud-based systems weren’t affected by the malware.

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