Operation Troop Aid Now Accepting Bitcoin Donations

If you live in the United States or watch a lot of US-based programming on TV-  you may have noticed how Americans truly value their troops for all of their efforts. With one of the most active armies in the world – deployed all over the world – it is only normal to see several initiatives pop up to support these men and women serving their country. Operation Troop Aid is one of those initiatives, and they have recently started to accept Bitcoin donations.

TROOP AID® Operation Troop Aid

With all of those different initiatives to support men and women in combat zones, it is hard to keep track of all them. Let us begin by briefly discussing what Operation Aid Troop is and does. The idea of Operation Aid Troop began in September of 2001, making it one of the longest running troop support projects in history.

However, it wasn’t until 2003 until the idea started coming together. After coordinating Toys for Tots and Military Appreciation benefits, the next logical step was creating a new initiative which would eventually be known as “Operation Troop Aid”. With the help of a lawyer, this name quickly became incorporated and all of the necessary paperwork – IRS Non-Profit 51c3 forms – was submitted shortly after.

Eventually, Operation Troop Aid was granted both incorporation and a charitable status in the state of Tennessee. After a few months, the person running the Operation Troop Aid project transferred to the state of Virginia and continued the project from there. In 2008, the project moved back to Nashville, Tennessee, and events around the country have been conducted ever since.

The vision for Operation Troop Aid is relatively simple: become the “premier care package and bill assistance charity” for US troops. In order to achieve that status, Operation Troop Aid will make use of major concert promotions and entertainment initiatives to branch out TROOP AID® all over the United States.

However, reaching that goal is easier said than done, and TROOP AID® is looking for corporate sponsors to make that dream become a reality. But that is not all, as any form of donation is more than welcome. Donations can be made via Paypal, check, money order or Bitcoin.

All donations will be used to ship care packages to US troops around the world. One care package costs US$40 to put together, and includes items such as phone cards, beef jerky, a “Thank You” postcard and Letters from School Children.

Bitcoin Donations Through BitPay

In order to accept Bitcoin donations, TROOP AID® has partnered with BitPay to process these transactions. BitPay remains the world’s leading Bitcoin payment processor, and because they charge no additional fees, the company is the perfect fit for a charitable organization looking to venture into the world of digital currency.

Donations can be made in any US Dollar amount, and any donation under US$40 will be kept in reserve until enough funds have been raised to put together a new care package for the troops.

Source: http://operationtroopaid.org/donate

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