Online Retail Startup Benebit Will Use Blockchain Technology To Disrupt The Online Shopping Industry

New and innovative technologies are changing the way we shop. In recent years many companies have closed their physical doors and made the move online, due to the many advantages that it offers. In 2016 a study carried out by Statista found that an estimated 1.61 billion people worldwide purchased goods online.

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Furthermore, e-retail sales at were recorded at $1.9trillion and projected to soar to a whopping $4.06 trillion by 2020. With the emerging blockchain technologies and the rise in adoption of cryptocurrencies being more accepted one company in particular is looking to make big waves in the e-commerce world. That company is Benebit.

Benebit is a online retail startup that has adopted blockchain technology to revolutionize the shopping industry. The service is built around an app and focuses highly on the customers via offering them loyalty points. These loyalty points can be exchanged for Benebit tokens which can be redeemed at a growing list of online retailers. However, this is not all the tokens can be redeemed for.

Benebit state that their tokens will be able to be converted into many popular cryptocurrencies. Many customers have been surveyed and do take part in loyalty programs studies have found however, many have spoken about the lack of maintenance and poor functionality of these systems. By redesigning and starting from the ground-up Benebit are showing they have the consumers in mind and aim to boost consumer confidence in this area of the industry.

Benebit offers to boost companies in the industry using a PoS (Point of Sale) system. This system allows for data to be collected in numerous ways such as payroll, inventory tracking, and information on customers shopping data. This data can be used to selectively offer products to users as well improve ease of use 10 fold.

A key focus for this company is the benecard and the benefits it could provide. The benecard will allow you to get rid of all those loyalty cards you have littered around, by acting as a wallet for storage of the loyalty points as well as providing a way of spending them. The need for this and advantages have been well planned and thought out via use cases rather than just theory to ensure real value is added to the industry and as well as the consumers.

Due to all transactions occurring on the Benefit network has enabled them to slash transaction fees by cutting out the middleman. By listening to customers and giving them what they want, Benebit are one to watch.

Benebit TGE

Benebit will be engaging in a TGE on Jan 22 2018. The total token supply is 300,000,000 and of those 225,000,000 will be available during the event. Token price will amount to 1 ETH = 3000 BNE. A minimum tracation rate has been set at 0.05 ETH as well as a  minimum goal set out by Benebit at 5000 ETH with a maximum of 75,000 of at the end of this pre sale which will begin 22nd of March 2018. The main section of the TGE will begin shortly after on 25th March 2018 continuing until the 30th April 2018.
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