OnePlus Confirms it has Suffered Another Data Breach

Most people will agree that data breaches have become all too common in recent years. It now appears OnePlus’ online store has fallen victim to a major breach recently.

This marks the second security incident affecting customers shopping through the OnePlus online store in less than two years.

Another bad day for OnePlus

The first incident occurred in January of 2018.

During that security breach, credit card details of tens of thousands of customers were stolen by culprits who have still not been identified today.

The second data breach came about recently, according to the company.

It is believed that a lot of personal information of OnePlus online store clients was exposed to third parties.

That information includes full names, email addresses, phone numbers, and order details.

According to OnePlus, there was a vulnerability on its online store that allowed criminals to gain access to this sensitive information. 

Luckily, no payment information was obtained this time around.

All customer passwords are safe as well, further indicating the criminals were looking for very specific information.

To date, OnePlus has not disclosed how many users have been affected by this security breach this time around.

To ensure no such incidents can take place in the future, the company will partner a security platform and offer  a bug bounty program.

For now, it might be best for users who sent information through the Oneplus online store to closely monitor all of their personal details.

It is a bit unclear if this information will be sold on the darknet or used directly by the people responsible for this security breach.