OKCupid, The One And Only Site For Bitcoin Users To Date And Mingle

For all you hopeless romantics and cupids out there in the Bitcoin community love is pretty hard to come by. Sadly love can’t be mined or traded for its only achievable with interaction between two individuals. Bitcoin may be considered a unusual choice for a dating site. Traditional payment methods such as credit cards and paypal may have been the traditional currencies of choice for dating sites but OKCupid has chosen to adopt Bitcoin into its service allowing for thousands of Bitcoin users to jump on and find true love.

The new service replicates many mainstream sites and while it may not be for the majority of Bitcoin users, due to miners and traders not really looking for love whilst dealing with crypto. Both require a lot of care and attention but for those single and in the market OKCupid has bolstered int the market which was relatively quiet. Launched in 2013 the site has managed to attract a huge amount of attention from many seeking to experiment with the unique service provided. Below are just a handful of features produced by the team of 37 employees for subscribers.

– Advanced match search options

Search by attractiveness, body type, personality, and more! Now you can even search matches by how they’ve publicly answered their questions.

– Browse profiles invisibly

No one will know if you’ve visited their profile, unless you want them to.

– See who likes you

Get the full list of people who like you. This will also point them out on the Visitors, Favourites, and Ratings pages.

– Message filters

Find the best messages from the right people. Filter out messages by length, specific words, and attractiveness for maximum convenience.

Source : BitPost

The site has recently been updated to allow inclusion of various other genders allowing various other users to sign up in the hope of finding love or a companion to spend good times with. The Bitcoin sector in terms of personal relationships is fairly limited with only a handful of companies catering for this need. BTCDate is another company catering to users needs. The company is fairly small compared to the long standing legacy of OK Cupid as the startup is not as established or popular among Bitcoin users.


Bitcoin has made real jumps in adoption in real life businesses. With adult and personal relatonships sorted with the aid of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency functions identically as any normal currency which would allow you to spend and purchase anything you like. The more personal side to dating, such as private shows by female users of Bitcoin has also been explored. With a whole reddit dedicated to users looking for intimate encounters whilst having a lump of Bitcoin to spend display the versatility and functionality of the coin, (A link to the reddit will not be included here but a quick Google will reveal all).


To love or not to love ? OKCupid will have you sorted in terms of relationships. Is love and dating meant to be in a Bitcoin trader or miners life. If you have tried out the site and have found true love please comment below or if you plan on a visit


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