OKCoin’s Top Brass Leaving The Company

Just when we were thinking how Bitcoin exchanges have dealt with all of the negative press in a professional manner, it looks like another storm is looming on the horizon. OKCoin, China’s second largest Bitcoin exchange platform, has seen several of it’s top executives leave the company over the past few weeks. That does make you wonder what is going on there, no?

Changpeng Zhao – OKCoin CTO

When your company’s Chief Technical Officer plans to resign [and thinks better of it] and OKCoin doesn’t find it necessary to issue a public statement on his departure, because of a “verbal agreement”. However, OKCoin does with Mr. Zhao the best in his future endeavours, due to a difference regarding the perspective and future of the industry.

OKCoin is also quickly to assess that, while Changpeng Zhao has been a superb colleague, his departure will not affect the company much. Several co-workers are apparently more than capable of filling the CTO role without naming a successor just yet. However, OKCoin will cooperate with as many parties as possible in 2015 to increase the company’s transparency.

Zane Tackett – International Operations Manager for OKCoin

Some of you may remember the name of Zane Tackett, as he won the 2014 award for Best Community Engagement by a Bitcoin Exchange Representative. Things have changed dramatically ever since, and Mr. Tackett left OKCoin for the same reason as Changpeng Zhao – different direction and perspective in the industry. Either two brilliant people got a better offer at nearly the same time, or OKCoin will be heading in a direction none of the top brass likes too much.

Richard Bensberg – Chief Compliance Officer for OKCoin

Without trying to sound worried or anything, when your company’s Chief Compliance Officer leaves for unknown [or undisclosed] reasons, things are not looking too bright. No one saw his departure coming, as he was part of a recent OKCoin AUA [Ask us Anything] on Reddit, which you can find out more about by clicking here.

Chris Woods (DIO), Damian (Alibaba Product Designer) and Nika (Team Lead of Customer Service)

Very little information has been revealed as to why these three names have parted ways with the company. Especially where Chris Woods is concerned – Director of International Operations at OKCoin – information seems to be very scarce. But what about Nika, the Team Lead of OKCoin Customer Service who suddenly vanished despite representing OKCoin at the Bitcoin Conference in St. Petersburg a few weeks prior?

All signs are pointing towards an internal storm brewing over at OKCoin headquarters, and everyone is keeping their lips sealed for the time being. We at BTCFeed will keep a close eye on the situation by trying to find out more information regarding the matter.

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