OceanEx Enables USDT/USD Trading Through Bank Card Deposits

Cryptocurrency exchanges are often considered to be the gateway for novice users. OceanEx acknowledges there are golden opportunities ahead, and promptly added a USD gateway. 

Getting more people excited about Bitcoin and altcoins will only happen through sheer convenience.

A big day for the OceanEx Team

Centralized exchanges, while supporting most fiat currencies, are often the catalyst to onboard thousands of new users every single month.

OceanEx is one of the cryptocurrency trading platforms a lot of people tend to overlook, despite it recording plenty of trading volume every single day.

To further cater to its users – particularly those in the US – the company has enabled a USD fiat gateway this week.

In doing so, the company will allow users to deposit USD to their balance through bank cards. 

During the initial stage, there will only be a USDT/USD trading pair. It is unclear if other USD-based pairs will follow suit in the following weeks and months.

Catering to US users may prove crucial for the company, as a lot of other exchanges are exiting the United States over regulatory concerns. 

OceanEx has quietly positioned itself as a major trading platform, primarily for USDT, BTC, and ETH markets.

Its daily volume sits roughly around $100m, which is more than acceptable when compared to other similar platforms active today.

It remains to be seen how successful the company will be in catering to its US-based customer base, however.

For those unaware, OceanEx has supported American customers for some time now, despite imposing a daily 2 BTC withdrawal limit for those clients.