Nxt announces the release of NXT Version 1.5, designed with businesses in mind

The current Blockchain platform does have a couple of issues, some of which can play a negative influence on the overall state of cryptocurrencies. While we have covered Nxt in the past, the developer team behind it has just released the new software version, which aims to bring in a couple of great updates to the next generation Blockchain platform.

Ever since it has been created back in the year of 2013, Nxt has mostly been used as a multipurpose toolkit, which allowed people to use it directly from the NRS client software, while also making sure that it could be incorporated into third party applications. From the start, Nxt was built with the idea of a modular system in mind. This would allow the platform to be able to process several different transaction types, which normally could not be used on their own, or combined. Together with this, another factor which was kept in mind during the development of the platform was to create Nxt in such a way to make it the perfect tool when it comes down to the creation of Decentralised Autonomous Organizations, also known as DAOs. This means that a DAO can go ahead and keep all of their transaction records in a fully transparent manner, on the Blockchain, all with the help of the tools that are currently provided by Nxt.

The new update has fixed most of the issues that have been present until now, while also adding a variety of new features. These include account authorisation with the issue of secure tokens, enhanced storage and data transfer capabilities, multi-signature transactions, a reliable voting platform and much more. Together with this, users will also get to experience the possibility of trading coloured coins, seeing all of the transactions, getting access to signature, multisig and custom currency transactions as well.

With everything that has been outlined so far in mind, the new update that has been released recently makes Nxt the perfect tool for DOAs, while once again proving that the platform has a sustainable feature, and more importantly, that it is being well-received by the public.

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