Number of Bitcoin Classic Nodes Gets Close To 1,500

During these days of uncertainty regarding the future of Bitcoin development, it is kind of interesting to keep an eye on the amount of Bitcoin nodes. While there is still overwhelming support for the Bitcoin Core software development, Bitcoin Classic remains a firm contender on the node count. The number of Bitcoin Classic nodes simply keeps going up, and there is no end to the trend in sight.

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Bitcoin Classic Support Is Growing

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It’s nice to see a bit of diversity in the world of Bitcoin development. Not that there is anything wrong with the Bitcoin Core solution, as they have a clear roadmap of what they are planning to do on the software side of things. Increasing the block size is the primary goal, and that seems to be what will be happening in a few weeks from now.

At the same time, the recent network issues paint a different picture, as an increased blockchain size is direly needed. Network congestion is the last thing Bitcoin needs right now, as the digital currency is gaining more popularity all over the world. However, as more transactions hit the network, things seem to be slowing down on a grand scale.

Scalability of Bitcoin has been a topic of debate for close to a year now, which has caused a second software solution to pop up. Bitcoin Classic, as this solution is called, wants to make radical increases to the Bitcoin block size sooner rather than later, solving the scalability issue once and for all.

As a result of the solution proposed by Bitcoin Classic, various digital currency community members have started to run a Bitcoin Classic node. In fact, the number of these nodes keeps going up every week and is getting close to the 1,500 nodes threshold. Quite an impressive amount, considering how much backlash this solution is facing by frantic Bitcoin Core supporters.

However, that number is less than one-third of the number of Bitcoin Core nodes on the network. Depending on how much longer this block size debate continues for, these numbers might shift over the next few weeks, though. One thing that is worth noting is how the overall number of Bitcoin nodes seems to be increasing, which is beneficial to the Bitcoin ecosystem as a whole.

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