Novel Coronavirus Messes up America’s Big Sports Leagues

Today is another day during which the novel coronavirus continues to dominate media headlines. New travel restrictions have been put in place, and sports leagues are suspending all events for the foreseeable future.

The novel coronavirus is still a very problematic pandemic, for obvious reasons. 

Sports Leagues Suffer From the Novel Coronavirus

As the situation worsens, very tough decisions need to be made on a global scale.

In the US, those new rules come in the form of travel restrictions and fewer sporting events.

More specifically, there is a sweeping ban on travel into the US, especially for those visiting from Europe. 

Making matters worse is how all major sporting events will be canceled for the foreseeable future.

The NCAA is currently barring fans, although the competition may face some further measures.

As far as the NBA is concerned, the entire season is currently suspended until the novel coronavirus situation improves.

It is likely that other major sport leagues will take similar measures.

That could be catastrophic for the MLB, XFL, and even the MLS. 

For now, the novel coronavirus continues to cause a lot of havoc on a global scale.

Imposing massive restrictions is only normal, as the current situation warrants such a drastic approach.

Until the situation improves, it is likely to assume that more restrictions will take place globally.