Notorious Deep Web Seller Fredthebaker Arrested By Dutch Police

Law enforcement officials are cracking down on anybody who sells or buys goods on the deep web these days. Fredthebaker, a notorious deep web seller, has been arrested in The Netherlands. As it turns out, this username is linked to a collective of sellers, and four people have been detained.

Fredthebaker Behind Bars

TheMerkle_Fredthebaker Arrested Deep Web

Many people associate the deep web with buying selling illegal goods and services. The Fredthebaker collective was no different in this regard, as law enforcement agents confiscated a lot of items being sold online. Among these elements were amphetamine base, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, stolen credit cards, weapons, and cash.

According to Dutch sources, the Fredthebaker collective has been in operation since 2013, focusing their attention mainly on drug trafficking. Law enforcement officials suspect this group has sold more than 1,25m EUR worth of illegal goods. Moreover, police officials identified shipments being made to 62 different countries around the world.

What is worth noting is how this deep web seller collective decided to move goods across the border to Germany. Once they found a nearby post office, the goods would be shipped from there. In doing so, they eliminated all traces related to their home country of The Netherlands. All of the materials used to create amphetamines, as well as their other supplies, came from the deep web.

All four suspects have been under surveillance for quite some time now. The ZKI, who are the lead investigators on this case, have been monitoring the Fredthebaker collective for quite some time now. After a thorough search, they managed to identify the location of these sellers, which ultimately lead to their arrest.

It is not the first time law enforcement agencies operate to identify vendors on the deep web. Up until this point, it remains to be seen how they obtained this information, as it is unlikely they used legal means to do so. No details were revealed as to what will happen with the arrested people.

Source: Deep Dot Web

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