Nexusmining Review

The number of scam sites in the world of digital currency and Bitcoin is rather lengthy, and the cloud mining industry is one of the biggest risk sectors in this regard. Nexusmining is definitely on this list for just about anyone with more than two peas for a brain, as the site offers zero transparency and rather unrealistic returns. In fact, most people buying a cloud mining cloud contract from Nexusmining right now would lose a lot of money in the process.

Trouble starts brewing when opening the Nexusmining website for the very first time, as some people might think they mistakenly accessed Genesis Mining. With a nearly identical website design, it is clear for everyone to see the designers did not put too much work into getting things set up. In fact, even the menu and other wording on the site looks like an identical copy.

On the pricing page are a total of three different cloud mining contracts, all of which can be paid with Bitcoin or a selection of altcoins. The most expensive contract will set investors back by US$2,400, for wich they will get 1 TH/s of Bitcoin mining power. Keeping in mind how these contracts will run for one year, it becomes clear there is no chance of earning ROI whatsoever at these rates.

However, the charts on the Nexusmining website seem to contradict that statement, as they estimate investors will achieve ROI between 6 and 12 months, and even make a profit by the time the contract will end. Albeit these are only projections, it is quite unprofessional to list such blatant lies on a website to begin with.

The lack of company information on the website is not helping matters at all. If this company wants to persuade investors from all over the world to pay them money, Nexusmining will have to try a lot harder than this. Granted, the WHOIS search reveals some information about the owner, but it is not instilling much confidence.

Last but not least, various users have been reporting payment issues with Nexusmining over the past week or so. Payouts are processed either too late or aren’t adding up to much. Users are hereby advised to steer clear from nexusmining, as there is no proof of mining hardware or solvency at this point.


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