New Vanbex Group Partners Bring Virtual Reality To Blockchain Conference

The Vanbex Group, which is best known for their activity in the world of digital currency and blockchain, has partnered with Shanghai Blockchain Network Technology Co. Ltd. This latter company might ring a bell with some of our Chinese readers as it is the parent company of the exchange.

Strategic Partnerships For Vanbex Group

TheMerkle - Virtual Reality Blockchain Conference Vanbex Group

It has to be said, the Bitcoin exchange is relatively new, as the service only launched in March of 2016. Despite that late start in the cryptocurrency world, the company has over 20,000 registered users already. Moreover, their daily exchange volume surpassed the US$1.5m mark already, which is quite impressive.

Shanghai Blockchain, the overarching company of, secured US$5m in funding at the end of 2015. The company will be using this funds to focus on research, digital assets, and expanding its trading platform. So far, it is not clear as to how they want to achieve that latter aspect, but partnering with the Vanbex Group is part of the strategy.

This partnership between both parties seems to indicate how the Chinese Bitcoin exchange wants to expand its service to North America in the coming months. Vanbex Group is “the right company to help expand our venture opportunities in the North American market”, according to Shanghai Blockchain Technology Network GM Weitao Li.

But this is not the only recent partnership for Vanbex Group either, as they recently joined forces with d10e. As as result of this collaboration, d10e will host a two-day blockchain event on in San Francisco, taking place on July 19 and 20. But that is not all, as consumers can experience the event in virtual reality as well.

Shanghai Blockchain is sponsoring this conference, and they provide the VR technology developed by Time Technologies. This particular VR company is an affiliated partner of Shanghai Blockchain, which makes the partnership with Vanbex Group even more valuable. Exciting times are ahead for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts.

Source: Econotimes

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