New Prime Minister may Pave the way for Bitcoin Adoption in Russia

The relationship between Russian ministers and bitcoin has always been strenuous. This became even more apparent when conflicting news came out of that particular corner.

With a new prime minister at the helm, it remains to be seen what the future holds for cryptocurrencies in Russia.

A Brighter Future for Bitcoin in Russia?

So far, it appears that Mikhail Mishustin has some interesting opinions.

In fact, he is a proponent of digitizing anything and everything, preferably as quickly as possible.

While that may sound extremely promising, it doesn’t necessarily bode well for cryptocurrencies.

More specifically, the country’s officials will undoubtedly remain divided over this particular topic.

There is still a major lack of regulation for digital assets, resulting in a very uncomfortable situation. 

Which changes the new Russian government aims to bring to the table, remains difficult to tell. 

Mishustin has the necessary expertise to make something positive happen for the cryptocurrency industry.

His previous tenure as director of the Federal Tax Service allowed his to push through a major digitization effort. 

He also holds a professional background in IT, which should make it easier to understand the technology powering cryptocurrencies today.

An interesting era has dawned upon Russia, albeit no one really knows how this situation will pan out exactly.