New Ethereum-based Gaming dApp Notes $242,000 in Volume in the First Few Days

Launching a dApp on top of a compatible blockchain is only the first step. Making this new project successful, is something else entirely.

In the case of Brave Frontier Heroes, it seems things are going rather well.

Another Ethereum dApp Notes Strong Success

Despite launching earlier in the week, it already has over 1,125 users.

Those users combine for 4,851 transactions worth just under $242,000. 

This is a firm validation of how the demand for dApps pertaining to gaming isn’t slowing down just yet.

Brave Frontier Heroes is a combination of mobile game Brave Frontier and blockchain game My Crypto Heroes.

As is usually the case, there is a built-in game economy for users to benefit from.

Collecting asset sin game and selling them to other players can often yield a decent revenue stream.

How successful the game will remain to be, is a different matter.

It would not be the first time that public interest wanes within a week or two after the launch of a new dApp. 

This is another venture built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Despite that ecosystem being subject to a fair few scaling concerns, it remains the most accessible to developers and users alike. 

Until the dApp runs into scaling problems, migrating to a different blockchain seems highly unlikely.