Nano Achieves Nearly 4 Times Bitcoin’s Confirmed Daily Transaction Throughput

The scaling of different cryptocurrencies remains crucial. Nano, an often overlooked altcoin, is seemingly on the right track to achieve this goal.

All of these discussions need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Nano Nails Scaling Properly

Altcoins often tend to scale better than bitcoin, yet it doesn’t necessarily help them gain traction.

Even so, Nano seems to be achieving a respectable throughput these days.

In recent days, the Nano network has seen an influx of transactions.

This is not an actual stress test, but rather someone flooding the network.

Why this action is undertaken, remains a mystery.

The results of this “test” are rather interesting, however.

Nano has now achieved over 1,700,000 confirmed daily transactions.

This is nearly four times as many transactions compared to bitcoin.

Rather than crumbling, it appears that this altcoin’s network can handle the load rather easily.

Given how big of a problem network congestion can be, Nano appears to be doing something right.

How this will impact the future use of this altcoin, is a different matter entirely.

The majority of people interested in cryptocurrency won’t look past the market cap top 25. 

Nano’s current market cap isn’t even near those levels at this time.