Mycelium Unveils Development Roadmap For Mobile Wallet

The Mycelium cryptocurrency wallet is one of the few legitimate mobile solutions available today. No w that the team is planning to integrate DASH over the coming days, the developers have also released an updated development roadmap. Several phases will need to be completed, but there are a lot of interesting things coming.

Some Top Mycelium Features To Look Forward To

There are plenty of things coming to the Mycelium mobile wallet offering, but listing them all would be a rather lengthy process. The integration of DASH will be the first of multiple changes to come, and is great news for the cryptocurrency community who prefer more privacy and anonymity.

But Dash will not be the only new coin to be integrated in the coming months. Waves will be integrated through preliminary support in the coming weeks. Additionally, Colu support will becoming as well, which is a rather surprising addition. Then again, more versatility is never a bad thing by any means.

Right now, there are multiple exchange platforms supported in the Mycelium wallet. All of those platforms will have their own separate plugin soon. The first ones to receive that support are Cashila, Locks, and Glidera. On the hardware front, Mycelium will add standardized hardware support for Trezor, Ledger, and KeepKey.

One thing many Mycelium users have been looking forward to is the addition of multi signature support and encrypted peer-t-peer communication.Both of these features will come in phase 4 of the Mycelium development update. Support for SegWit will be coming as well, depending on how much progress the Core developers make by then.

Later this year, or in early 2017 depending on own things go, the Mycelium team will also add support for CoinShuffle. This is an interesting feature that may not be overly useful to everyone, but it is a great addition either way. A built-in app market, containing all of the plugin options, will be integrated as well.

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