Movey – Potential NFT Move-To-Earn Application Combined With Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol Every 12 Minutes, 120 Times/Day

For this reason, Movey is the must-have application you need to become a stronger runner.

1. Project overview

Movey is built around an essential daily activity for most people – moving around. The Movey application combines the latest crypto tech like NFT, GameFi, and SocialFi elements. Users are rewarded in $MOVEY/NFTs by walking, moving, doing exercise, and completing in-app challenges.

Anyone can use and participate in Movey, no matter if they have knowledge of NFT and Crypto or not. Even if users do not want to do any physical activities, they can still profit by owning the $MOVEY token and joining the Rebase mechanism with Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol every 12 minutes, 120 times/day. This modern financial system makes staking simpler and more efficient while also providing $MOVEY token holders with the greatest steady returns in crypto.

Besides, to optimize profits, users can join the Move-to-Earn feature by downloading the program, equip their own sports shoes in the form of NFT, and then select the move-to-earn modes that are best for their health and profit demands.


Move to Earn is a form that allows users to benefit from their physical activities, including walking, brisk walking, and running. These movements will be recorded via GPS tracking, and data from motion and health sensors will be incorporated into the program, which people can easily access on their phones.

MOVEY’s move to earn concept will be a step forward in bringing everyone closer to blockchain technology in an exceedingly easy method that everyone can accomplish.

3. Movey Application

With Blockchain and NFT technology, Movey will make in-game rewards worth users’ efforts and ensure fairness and transparency.

Move to Earn: Users need to have an NFT Sneaker or stake $MOVEY token in Stake Token Management to participate in Movey’s earning modes, where they are rewarded in $MOVEY/NFTs by walking, moving.

Marketplace: The marketplace is where users can rent, lease, or trade their NFT Sneakers and NFTs from NFT Movement Creating. The filter function is available to help users find the one they want without any difficulties.

Rent NFT: With a smart rent/lease mechanism, new users can quickly get started by downloading the app and renting the Sneaker. The Smart Contract will deliver rewards to renters who complete missions.

Create NFT: Users can earn $MOVEY by creating sneakers and creating their own NFT. The NFT Movement Creating is a unique feature of Movey that converts an image of a player’s journey into an NFT.

4. Movey Advantages
  • Movey App ready: Movey App is under beta testing and will launch Alpha Test in April.
  • Dual-Function: Participants may get $MOVEY tokens from two sources simultaneously: Move-to-Earn and Auto-Staking.
  • NFT creation: Users may make their own NFTs based on their route.

5. Movey Mission

Movey aims to expand and spread our application as a health statement and health vision, enabling as many people as possible to view the entire facts of their health. Furthermore, the Movey team intends to build a vast and sustainable ecosystem in the form of a never-before-seen social media platform. Movey will connect real-world user profiles with their virtual-world identities and gradually play an essential part in all future meta-verses. This enables individuals to stay on track as they attempt to create more good behavioral adjustments today.

6. Upcoming Events

According to the roadmap, the project process has completed the initial finishing tasks. The demo app will be the project’s next goal that Movey would like to launch to the community. Next will come a series of much-anticipated events such as Presale opening, Pancakeswap listing, DEX/CEX exchanges, and the launch of Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding.

In June, INO will be available for purchase for the first time after the $MOVEY listing process is completed. Users will be able to freely experience buying, selling, and exchanging transactions on Movey’s Marketplace. Also, in this remarkable month, Movey will launch its mainnet and become one of the few Move-to-earn mobile applications that combine the elements integrating blockchain and cryptocurrency.

In addition, with detailed plans stated in the Roadmap, users can easily track Movey’s next moves.

7. Summary

Movey’s objective is to build a robust app platform and ecosystem that will attract millions of new people into the world of cryptocurrency through the development of various applications. It should be simple for people to experience the power of crypto and make a big difference in their lives.

Movey has been working on several unique features that will allow every user to earn and have fun in the MOVEY ecosystem, such as Move-to-earn, Stack-to-run, Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding. Movey is a next-generation team dedicated to creating new solutions for enhancing people’s quality of life.

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