More Wallet Support Would Be Good For Ethereum Classic

Although Ethereum Classic has been around for some time now, many users are still looking for a wallet solution. The official Mist client is one option, which supports both ETH and ETC depending on whether users activate the hard fork. But when it comes to web wallets, the choices are very slim. Then again, relying on web wallet is asking for trouble.

Ethereum Classic Does Not Need A Web Wallet Per Se

Using a web wallet means giving up control over one’s funds, which is in stark contrast to using cryptocurrency in the first place. For novice users, a web wallet may make sense on paper, albeit a lot of ETC users will keep funds in an exchange wallet for the time being. Not everyone wants to use a full-fledged desktop wallet all the time.

Granted, there is MyEtherWallet, which works just fine as a web wallet for both Ethereum and ETC right now. Users can generate an address and send funds over, and it should be credited rather quickly. Transferring funds out can be done by using ETC feature only. . This online wallet has built up a small reputation among Ethereum users, but always use these services at your own risk.

Which brings us to the bigger question: do we need an ETC web wallet or other solutions? Hardware wallet support has already arrived, as Ledger released a software update yesterday which integrates ETC support into the product. In doing so, the French company is one of the first hardware wallet providers to support Ethereum Classic.

Other than that, the choices are fairly limited. For those users who really want to give up control over their funds, there are plenty of exchanges where funds can be stored. It is not advised to use third-party services for ETC management in the long-term, though, as you never know what will happen to these companies in the meantime.

That being said, additional wallet development would not be a bad thing. While the Mist wallet is a convenient option to store ETC, other options wouldn’t hurt. Jaxx has already stated they will not work on Ethereum Classic support, which is a shame. But other wallet developers may decide to support this ecosystem after all.

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