MIT Researchers Use Drones to Create a Non-human Filming Crew

MIT Researchers have successfully experimented with drones once again. This latest test revolves around using drone systems that can effectively replace a camera crew in the future. Interestingly enough, the drone system successfully shoots professional quality video, although this project is far from finished. It is an interesting take on things that warrants more attention.

Using Drones For Professional Video Quality

It has to be said, using video drones to shoot high-quality material has proven to be incredibly difficult. Not because the technology doesn’t allow for it, but such an experiment still requires multiple human operators to make this venture a success. That may no longer be a problem, though, as MIT researchers may have found a solution. This does not mean cameramen should fear for their jobs, although it looks like they may become obsolete at some point.

To put this entire test into perspective, one has to keep in mind the drone system in question still has to be revealed. MIT plans to do so later this month. The objective is to present a system that lets filmmakers enter the parameters they want, and the drones will take care of the rest. Removing the need for human operators as part of camera operations is quite a big leap, though. It remains to be seen if such a system can indeed be used for professional filmography in the future.

The director of the movie, documentary, or other video can define basic parameters for a specific shot. Moreover, these settings can be adjusted on the fly, which will immediately force the drone to adapt to the new conditions. Since drones are also slightly better at humans when it comes to avoiding obstacles, this new system could prove to be quite intriguing. The level of granular control provided by this system is unlike anything we have seen to date, according to the researchers.

Do keep in mind this system is still in the early stages, and there are quite a lot of improvements to be made over time. Giving directors a way to determine how different factors of a shot should be weighed against one another can prove to be a valuable ally for filmographers all over the world. Additionally, it is possible to ensure actors are not blocking other actors from the camera. All of these features will make for an interesting filming operation, to say the least.

One could argue it was only a matter of time until such technology came to fruition. The film industry has always been subject to great innovations, which create more engaging content and allow for stunning visual performances. Software and hardware are making a bigger impact on filmmaking as a whole, and this to-be-revealed drone system is just one example of what the future may hold.

It is important to note this system will not replace human operators behind the cameras anytime soon. It can prove to be a more than a valuable ally for smaller film crews who want to increase the value of their production without bringing more people on board. It is an interesting development that will get a lot of attention when the system is presented later this month.

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