Mist Developers Deliberately Use ShapeShift Affiliate Link For ETC Transactions

The Ethereum ecosystem is filled with a lot of controversies as of late, and it looks like a new issue has been discovered The Mist wallet, which acts as a solution for Both Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, contains a bug when dealing with Shapeshift transactions. For ETC users, the Mist wallet seems to be taking a cut for every transaction to and from Shapeshift.

A Money Grab By Mist Wallet Developers

It is no secret the majority of Ethereum developers – and community members – have no love lost for Ethereum Classic right now. Both blockchains can co-exist while not being a roadblock for one another regarding development. There is a lot of bad blood between both communities, which is to be expected when people want to take a stand for something they believe is right.

One of the issues that arose as soon as Ethereum Classic was launched is how there was no official wallet software. An updated Mist client was heralded as the go-to solution, as it can support both ETH and ETC  That being said, it appears there may be something unusual going on when dealing with the Mist wallet as an ETC user.

For every transaction sent to or received from the Shapeshift platform, the Mist client seems to take a small cut out of the ETC transaction. Some people may see this as a deliberate “attack” by Mist developers to collect free Ethereum Classic without raising suspicion. Then again, this appears to be an affiliate link embedded in the client. A money grab by Ethereum developers to get some free ETC? A strange decision indeed.

This puts the release of Mist for Ethereum Classic in a whole new perspective. Most people are not even aware this problem exists either, which is always a possibility. In the end, there is no reason to have an affiliate link embedded in the code just because it is made to support two different blockchains.

This news also highlights the need for an independent Ethereum Classic wallet that is not necessarily Mist itself, albeit it can easily use the codebase. All of this is a very strange turn of events, and brings more negative attention to the Ethereum development.

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