Miroskii ICO Shows Scammers Continue to Roam Free

It has become painfully evident that not all initial coin offerings are created equal. While it is only normal that not every single venture will be completely professional, one would expect a decent standard of quality from companies trying to raise millions of dollars. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, as Miroskii has seemingly hired a Ryan Gosling lookalike as a graphic designer.

What is Going on With Miroskii?

While it is commendable to see yet another project attempt to disrupt the financial sector, the way Miroskii is going about things looks less than honest. Its business plan appears to be relatively solid, although some people may think otherwise. That is not the main issue people have with this particular venture, though. Its list of employees raises a ton of questions, as things just don’t add up.

More specifically, a lot of people have noticed how the profile pictures of the supposed Miroskii staffers are completely fake. Either a person known as Kevin Belanger is a Ryan Gosling lookalike, or Ryan has begun an entirely new career unrelated to acting. Both of these options seem equally unlikely. The more likely explanation is that the Miroskii team simply took some random images from the internet – as evidenced by some of the other staff photos – and tried to get away with it. Truth be told, the picture of Ryan Gosling looks incredibly professional, yet a face like his is one which people will recognize pretty much anywhere. This immediately raises concerns about the legitimacy of the Miroskii ICO as a whole.

It is also painfully evident that the Miroskii team did not contribute anything remotely original to its website or whitepaper, for the most part. A lot of buzzwords have been thrown together to make this venture look completely legitimate, yet in the end, we know nothing about how the team plans to achieve all of this in the real world. A whitepaper is not a business plan by any means, and projects like these clearly highlight the difference between the two.

Indeed, it is these types of projects which give the entire ICO industry a terrible name. It is only normal that people openly question this entire business model when scammy projects such as this one are allowed to exist. We can only hope that some action is undertaken to bring this ICO to an early end, although it is unlikely anyone will invest in it as of right now. At the same time, a lot of people don’t care about these things being pointed out, and they will readily dismiss them as “jealousy” and “FUD”.

It is evident there is nothing honest about the Miroskii ICO and that people should stay as far away from it as possible. Investing in this ICO will ultimately lead to financial losses for all investors, as there is no team building this project whatsoever. All they did was grab images from the internet and combine them into what looks like an all-star cast of non-existing people and famous Hollywood actors. It’s absolutely despicable.