MiRo is an Autonomous Robo-dog Equipped With 6 Senses

A robotic dog is both cute and incredibly scary at the same time. MiRo, a new breed of robotic dogs, is combining quite a few useful features into one product. In fact, the company creating this robotic dog claims the machine has a built-in sixth sense, which makes it an incredibly powerful butler as well. We live in very exciting times, that much is evident.

Meet MiRo The Robo-dog / Butler

Various companies around the world are looking at ways to create robots that will help our society evolve over time. Consequential Robotics, a firm based in the United Kingdom, is doing exactly that. Although their products mainly focus on the elderly, MiRo is a new type of product that will shake things up quite a bit over the coming years.

More specifically, MiRo is an autonomous robot-dog that has quite the chipper attitude. The dog is designed to alert its – elderly – owner when to take medicine, suggest they enjoy a beverage to keep up bodily fluids, and even contact an assistance service if needed. In a way, this is a one-stop solution for all elderly people who still live at home, as MiRo will guide them as they go about their day-to-day routine.

Providing such a valuable set of tools in an autonomous package is what really caught everyone’s attention. In fact, the robo-dog is capable of charging itself, and it can navigate the premises on its own just fine. It is a smart dog, that much is evident. Moreover, MiRo is emotionally engaging, which is quite a novel aspect. More specifically, the creator thinks of this robo-dog as a screen-less computer.

Thanks to its multiple sensors, MiRo is more than capable of taking good care of its owner. In fact, the robot can monitor for vital signs, and it comes equipped with all five senses one would find in a human. Touch sensitivity and sharp hearing are direly needed when dealing with the elderly. Moreover, the robo-dog uses a sonar “sixth” sense to navigate its surroundings, which means it is capable of learning whenever new obstacles are put in its path.

Interestingly enough, MiRo does not rely on voice control alone. Owners can use the associated wristband to interface with the machine as well. Touch gestures can be beneficial to elderly people in this regard, and it will help improve their motor skills at the same time. Once the owner hugs the wristband, they signal MiRo to call for help. It is quite easy to get the hang of things, which makes this solution even more appealing.

One thing that could hold back mass adoption of MiRo is how the autonomous robo-dog is not cheap. With a 600 GBP price tag, it is evident this “assistant” will be quite an expensive one. Then again, it could be well worth the investment compared to getting a traditional aid. Moreover, it can give people some peace of mind knowing their parents – or even grandparents – are not alone and help is just a small gesture away.

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