MinerGate Officially Adds Ethereum Classic Support

Minergate is the latest mining pool to offer support for Ethereum Classic mining. Other major mining pools have done so already, and various exchanges have added an Ethereum Classic trading pair in the past few days. It is good to see the overall cryptocurrency community respond in such an open-minded manner regarding this situation.

Minergate Supporting Ethereum Classic Is Positive News

While mining pools are invaluable to the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole, they are under no obligation to add just any form of cryptocurrency when it gains some traction. The original Ethereum – Ethereum Classic that is – has been added to the MinerGate platform, as the team wants to provide as many different Ethereum mining options as they can.

Even though some people may argue ETC has no place in the cryptocurrency world, it is the original Ethereum blockchain without the hard fork. Since not everyone in the community was too happy about this DAO bailout and attack on consensus, there was no reason not let the original blockchain live on in some manner.

Ethereum Classic mining on MinerGate can be done through the platform’s own GUI Miner, or by using either Ethminer or Genoil. It is good to see three different options available to users at this stage, as mining Ethereum has always been a bit complicated for most people. MinerGate wants to make this process as user-friendly as possible.

MinerGate CEO Claude Lecomte mentioned how this decision was made out of a “deep conviction Ethereum can thrive without manual actions”. This seems to indicate the MinerGate CEO is not a huge fan of the hard fork either, which sets a very dangerous precedent for an ecosystem that was supposedly be “governed” by consensus voting.

The addition of MinerGate will do the overall Ethereum Classic hashrate some good. Right now, the total mining capacity is at 529.6 GH/s, compared to 3569.6 GH/s for Ethereum itself. By the look of things, some miners have switched camps already, as these numbers were much further apart a few hours ago.

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