Microsoft Announces the Launch of Project Springfield

Microsoft’s newest venture, Project Springfield, has been revealed. It uses in-house testing technology for Windows and Office apps, as well as using whitebox fuzzing technology to sniff out flaws that lead to crashes.

Microsoft started testing a cloud-based bug detector. Microsoft is calling Project Springfield one of its most advanced tools when it comes to finding potentially harmful vulnerabilities. The project uses whitebox fuzzing. This technology is reported to have uncovered at least one third of the million-dollar software bugs while Microsoft was developing Windows 7. Microsoft reported using a component of Springfield called SAGE since 2000, to test its products before releasing them.

Project Springfield has SAGE bundled with other tools designed for fuzz testing. It also features a dashboard as well as other user interfaces to enable people without a security background to use the package with ease. As stated earlier, all tests are running from Microsoft’s Azure cloud online.

Reports state:

“With white fuzz testing, the system throws random inputs at software to find instances in which unforeseen actions cause software to crash. This testing is ideal for software regularly incorporating inputs like documents, images, videos, or other information that may not be trustworthy. Bad actors are sought out that could launch malicious attacks or crash a system. Whitebox fuzz testing uses artificial intelligence to ask a series of  “what if” questions and make decisions about what might cause a crash and signal a security concern.”

Microsoft previously used the name Project Springfield for a Popfly web page and mashup creation service. Microsoft stated that there is no relation to the two in anyway. They also stated that they are going to offer Project Springfield to customers with an evaluation period being offered for free.

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