Microsoft AI Picks Tradecurve Markets, Immutable, Render Token, as the Best Cryptos for Q4, 2023

With thousands of projects available, making a decision can be difficult. Investors are turning to AI-driven solutions for recommendations. Microsoft AI selected Immutable (IMX), Redner Token (RNDR), and Tradecurve Markets (TCRV) as top cryptos. As a result, we will look at the on-chart data to see how far they can climb.


  • Immutable to reach $1.79
  • Render Token can climb to $1.86
  • Tradecurve Markets to surge 100x at launch

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Microsoft AI projects that Immutable (IMX) can surge to 

The Immutable (IMX) ecosystem is expanding. PlanetQuest, one of the most notable games in its lineup, recently expanded with Outposts. Updates to games in its ecosystem can lead to heightened demand for the IMX crypto. 

Immutable is trading in the green zone and saw a price uptick of 10.6% in the past two weeks. During the previous week alone, the Immutable cryptocurrency traded between $0.556323 and $0.620669. With a market cap of $691,968,353 and a trading volume of $773,973,495, the cryptocurrency is the 54th largest. Based on the Immutable price prediction, it can surge to $1.79 by the end of 2023.

Render Token (RNDR) projected to reach $1.86

Render Token (RNDR) has so far performed well in 2023. The Render Token crypto has grown by 276%. The platform underwent updates, and as a result, hype arose among the community for the Render Token’s future value. 

During the past week, Render Token traded between $1.47 and $1.77. In fact, this crypto is currently the 62nd largest in terms of market cap. It has a market cap of $640,840,603, with a trading volume of $51,122,258. Moreover, it’s up 39.6% on the monthly charts. At this rate, Microsoft AI has made a price reduction that Render Token can reach $1.86 as its maximum value of the year.

Tradecurve Markets (TCRV) to surge 100x in value

Aside from immutable and Render Token, another crypto recommended by the AI is Tradecurve Markets This is an upcoming hybrid exchange that will pioneer the next generation of DeFi. Traditionally, most investors faced significant barriers to entry, these include geographical restrictions and mandatory KYC. 

However, Tradecurve Markets will remove all of them and enable derivatives trading for anyone. Users simply need to connect an email and a DeFi wallet. Then, they can use the deposited crypto as collateral. 

There are advanced features as well, including AI-driven trading bots and a VIP account system. Users can enjoy protection against negative balance as well. Moreover, there’s also high leverage starting at 500:1.

During Stage 6, TCRV trades at $0.03. Since the first stage, it has increased by 200%. At this rate, Microsoft AI predicts that it can surge by 100x at launch. 

Binance’s ICO started at $0.11 in 2017. Now, the crypto is worth $216. As a result, investors are hyped about the future of Tradecurve Markets. The team will also integrate Proof of Reserves (PoR) to bolster even more transparency for the platform.

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