Mexico’s Third-Largest Bitcoin Exchange Goes Dark

The third-largest bitcoin exchange in Mexico has suddenly gone offline. This has many people confused, as there was no prior indication of something going wrong. With the main page removed as well, things aren’t looking good for MeXBT. Their Twitter account does mention the platform has been suspended temporarily.

MeXBT Is Going Through A Rough Patch

Keeping in mind how the Bitfinex exchange was hacked recently, any news regarding issues for a Bitcoin exchange are worrisome right now. MeXBT, the third largest Bitcoin exchange platform in all of Mexico, has gone offline. In fact, their entire web interface has been deleted for some unknown reason.


Luckily, the team managed to post an explanation on their Twitter account. The company states how their platform has been suspended temporarily, as some revisions to their operations will need to occur. For now, that does not mean the MeXBT platform  has been hacked, although they did not state that was not the case either.

What we can tell is how all of the user funds seems tp be accounted for, and withdrawals will be enabled shortly. Deposits will be resumed as well once the platform relaunches, albeit no dedicated time frame was mentioned to the public. Since there were no prior issues affecting the MeXBT platform, this news is rather shocking, to say the least.

A follow-up message stated how a thorough check of all MeXBT systems is taking place right now. It is possible the platform will resume its operations in the next 48 hours, although that deadline may change at any given time.  This new message may lead to some speculation regarding the exchange suffering from a hack, though.

All in all, this is another wake-up call for Bitcoin users who store funds in an exchange wallet. These platforms control all funds, and the user is at their mercy to receive and spend coins. Always move money out of an exchange wallet as soon as possible, to exert full control over your finances.

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