MeshBox is Proposing an Ambitious Internet Connectivity Project

Current estimates show that about 3.5 billion people in the world have little or no internet connections. This situation is grave considering that internet has replaced every other necessity and assumed the top spot on the society’s revised theory of Maslow on the hierarchy of needs. However, things are changing because a combination of the blockchain technology and mesh network may be all that is necessary for providing universal internet access.

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A mesh network describes a localized area network or LAN, which can either be wireless (WLAN) or virtual (VLAN), and works with either one or two correction arrangements. These two plans are partial mesh or full mesh topologies. The difference between the two mechanisms lies in the number of nodes (devices or workstations) connected to each other.

How Can Mesh Network Solve the Problem of Internet Connectivity?

The solution lies in the combination of the MeshBox and SmartMesh, which is a box-shaped device that serves as the central node in the mesh network it establishes. The box, placed in any location experiencing poor internet connection, can connect two devices or more and become the gateway to connectivity for the connected devices.

The second bit, the SmartMesh, works like the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol and defines how to create and maintain connection within the established networks. Ideally, this concept means that the MeshBox acts as the router operating on the protocols designed and defined by the SmartMesh.

The MeshBox in Practice

The MeshBox works as the panacea that brings internet t locations on earth that have near nil or horrible internet connections. It does this by creating an infrastructure where one or more boxes placed strategically, connect to the internet and form a network while relying on the protocols supplied by the SmartMesh. The inhabitants of the connection-disadvantaged location can then connect to the internet through their devices (either computers, smartphones or other internet-enabled gadgets). Besides, the boxes can also create a private network where inhabitants can share both content and data with each other even in the absence of internet connectivity.

Why MeshBox?

MeshBox is the company behind the revolution described above. The firm’s approach in solving the connectivity problem is disruptive not because it includes the use of blockchain technology but because it makes the most of decentralization to give content creators a chance to monetize the content they share.

While content monetization is already a known concept over the internet, introducing the blockchain in the same helps to address other issues such as speed and trust.

The solution that MeshBox provides has been a subject of the quest for big tech corps including IBM, Facebook, and even Google; probably the reason why the firm’s initial token generation event was oversubscribed in just seconds.


The MeshBox is on the verge of solving a substantial modern-day issue, and it is tackling the said issue with revolutionary yet straightforward technology. Moreover, it has a core team that is aptly qualified to face the challenges it is after, and an advisory board that is just as talented. It probably is best at the moment, to sit and warm up the bright future that MeshBox wants to create right before the eyes of the world.

Read more about the project and the roadmap on the white paper available here.