Flying Taxis: A Reality In 2018?

Nowadays, people face a great variety of puzzles in different areas of business, including adaptation to highly competitive market conditions, implementation of advanced technologies and so on. This is the main reason Global Business and Technology Incubator has acquired the revolutionary Air Taxi. The good news is the inventive project is incubating the Air Taxi Management System as well as the international community of its developers, operators and end users.

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The will provide a blockchain-based platform for entrepreneurs and passengers who are described as “future customers of a more than a trillion dollar industry of urban air taxi flights.” If you’re tired of big traffic in your city, is ready to resolve this crucial problem by creating a three-phase program of an infrastructure for flying cars. In addition, it’s uniting 10 Technology Consortium members willing to develop compatible components for the project infrastructure. has 2 great strategic goals:

1) to develop a selection of compatible hardware and software from Consortium members for an integrated air taxi management system.

2) to ensure rapid adoption through a global community (evangelists, experts, volunteers) that supports technology entrepreneurs in building air taxi-related businesses.

New Opportunities for Business project is the incubator for the particular supply chain and market channel for the eVTOL, which must be able to deliver to a growing variety of aerial vehicles as a service. In order to achieve this, a service-oriented ecosystem needs to be incubated, comprised of turnkey compatible infrastructure solutions and all players made aware of how to implement it.

Why does think the incubator is the most suitable option? The incubator is the only way to ensure compatibility and scalability of something emerging as completely new. Moreover, this is a classic way to catalyze new technologies and business-models, while a successful incubator benefits all industry and market players.

There are different forms of incubators, venture capitals, marketplaces, government grants and research, and development laboratories. team has chosen the marketplace. Using it, it’s quite easy to attract as many users as possible, create demand for a product, and raise awareness of the brand among other competitors. In addition, marketplaces reduce transaction costs and lower entry barriers for developers, manufacturers and final users.

New Opportunities For Entrepreneurs Incubator provides low entry barriers and fast scaling for all: entrepreneurs, manufacturers, city managers. Compared to the scalability and level of entry barriers gridmasters enjoy, platform operators may enjoy easier scalability and higher entry barriers. Local businessmen, on the contrary, may have lower entry barriers, but face difficulties to scale beyond one city, and OEM manufacturers, as you see, may get stuck in ‘format wars,’ presenting them with high entry barriers in certain markets and additional difficulty to scale.

Using, entrepreneurs can deploy a local grid of connected devices. This IoT network pays every device owner tokens every time the device is used to serve a flight to a passenger. is focused on combining the high scalability of a unified technology solution with the lowest entry barriers which only local businesses can enjoy and strive to incubate:

  1. a) business models within existing players;
  2. b) completely new business models and types of players.

New business models can be developed by existing players in such areas as Hardware Development, Software Development, Manufacturing, Navigation, Autonomy, Real Estate Development, Architecture, Law.

The project has a demonstrated ability to engage thousands of users globally, as the token is catalysing growth in the last 4 months with current stats: 10 companies, 30 cities, 1000 people, 15,000 tasks done, and a 200,000-person audience reached.

Your company, through, may become a service provider to thousands of awaiting customers in dozens of the world’s cities. Plus, if you’re a member of Community, you are invited to explore business models on the new market, test new technologies, gain social capital locally and internationally, earn tokens as rewards for efforts and contribution, and have international community support your actions.

For you, the token is:

  • an indicator of success,
    • 1 minute of flight,
        • a core technology,
        • a direct result of your action and contribution, as well as that of the Community,
        • a utility growing within the ecosystem created for the exponential and life-changing industry.