Major Online Poker Network Enables Support for Dozens of Cryptocurrencies

When it comes to gambling with cryptocurrency, the offerings are still somewhat limited in number. While there are a lot of companies that accept Bitcoin and a few other currencies, mainstream casinos are holding off for the time being. That is slowly starting to change, as Americas Cardroom will support several dozen cryptocurrencies moving forward. It’s an interesting change that will make the platform even more appealing to players.

Americas Cardroom Embraces Cryptocurrency

It is evident the online gambling industry is slowly changing for the better. More specifically, it is good to see these companies embrace new payment solutions these days. While it is true cryptocurrencies make a lot of sense for most casino operators, not everyone sees things that way just yet. Then again, Bitcoin and select altcoins can effectively remove the threat of fraud and reduce transaction fees. There is no reason not to give cryptocurrency a try as a gambling site operator.

Cryptocurrency acceptance opens up a lot of other opportunities as well. Attracting a global audience is perhaps the biggest selling point of dealing with currencies such as Bitcoin and altcoins. Plus, users can have their deposits created to their accounts immediately by using a payment processor handling zero-confirmation transfers. It also adds a bit more pseudonymity to the whole concept of gambling online, which is always appreciated.

When it comes to the top mainstream online casinos in the world, very few are openly experimenting with cryptocurrency payments right now. Americas Cardroom will set an intriguing precedent in this regard, to say the least. Not only will it accept Bitcoin, but several dozen other cryptocurrencies as well. For now, only deposits will be affected, although a cryptocurrency withdrawal option will be implemented in the near future as well.

Considering that ACR is available to players in over 165 different countries, the choice to accept cryptocurrency payments was pretty easy to make. There is no other global payment solution which provides so many benefits to the merchant; that much is evident. For the time being, it is unclear how the site accepts payments directly, as it has not announced which payment processor is being used. Given the vast number of supported currencies, it appears CoinPayments or a similar service provider would be the logical choice in this regard.

Some people may question the decision by Americas Cardroom to accept anything other than Bitcoin these days. While it is true Bitcoin is still the world’s leading cryptocurrency right now, it is not without its flaws whatsoever. More specifically, the higher network fees of late make it almost unprofitable to spend large amounts of cryptocurrencies. That doesn’t bode well for the future of this particular currency, although the network fees have come down quite a bit over the past few months.

This decision by the company may create an interesting example for other online gambling service providers to follow. After all, every online platform wants to stay one step ahead of the competition. To that end, this reaffirms that paying attention to the cryptocurrency ecosystem is something worth doing. Whether or not Americas Cardroom will benefit from this decision remains to be determined. It is evident cryptocurrency is making inroads in the online gambling world as we speak.