Mainstream Media Utterly Ignores Positive Bitcoin Trend Once Again

Now that the Bitcoin price is rising again, mainstream media outlets remain tightlipped on this significant change. For some reason, they refuse to report on Bitcoin price increases until the value goes down once again. The lack of education and unwillingness to learn by mainstream media outlets shines through once again.

Where Art Thou, Media Outlets?

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Although there is an argument to be made as to why bad news will attract a lot more eyeballs than positive events, mainstream media and Bitcoin remain in a complicated love-hate relationship for the foreseeable future. The media loves to downplay Bitcoin at every turn, yet they hate to report on something positive every once in awhile.

Take a look at the current Bitcoin price trend, for example, which seems to be getting zero mainstream media attention. Or to be more precise, the only attention it is getting so far comes in the form of uneducated writers acting surprised Bitcoin is still alive and kicking. Ignorance can be bliss, but some people just overdo it when things do not stroke their own egos or agendas.

Over the past two years, mainstream media outlets have shifted their attention from Bitcoin to blockchain, as that quickly became the new buzzword. However, their strategy had an adverse effect, as blockchain fatigue started setting in by the end of 2015. Everyone is talking about the blockchain this and the blockchain that, without even comprehending how it works, and what it does.

Now that Bitcoin is getting a lot of attention from all over the world – except for mainstream media, that is – it will be interesting to see if these so-called journalists will pivot once again. There is nothing wrong with following trends and money, but there is little to no value in most blockchain solutions without a proper consensus algorithm. After all, it is not possible to create immutability without some labor involved.

Bitcoin does not need the media to spread the word, though. Over the past few years, these outlets have only managed to give Bitcoin a bad reputation and ignore the core values of cryptocurrency. Moreover, they remain utterly blind to the truth staring them right in the face: Bitcoin is not going away, so you would better start paying attention.

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