MaidSafeCoin Price Discussion/Speculation – 8/19/2015

Maid Safe Coin on the whole has been a considerably profitable coin for many investors. Allowing many Bitcoin users to make profit from the altcoin market, Maid Safe Coin has allowed many to try and reap the benefits of various Altcoins. Maid Safe Coin has recently entered a phase of stagnation which has sadly brought on a phase of constant and steady price movement in the downwards direction.

Below is the graph representing various price movements in the Maid Safe markets. As you can see the downward trend is extremely well defined and there seems no end in sight.



Maid Safe has seen a hefty price decrease over the past month. Falling in value considerably over 24 hours earlier this month the price has remained at a tame value of 0.000084 BTC for the latter part of the past 30 days. It seems as if there is no support currently present to stop the steady fall as prices drop further and further. Currently it would be wise to avoid buying into the markets as current turbulence may last a while as prices continue to reflect market activity. Currently it seems that a large sell off is occurring with many dissatisfied investors and opportunists ready to cut losses and ultimately pull out of the market. Prices have fallen a further 10% in the past few hours as the values edge closer to what could be a floor. I would place this figure at 0.00007 BTC, which means that there is still a considerable way to go, reflecting prices before the current rally. So, to conclude, it is a strong sell tag from me as prices will fall and further opportunities will arise to purchase cheaper coins.

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