MaidSafeCoin Price Discussion/Analysis – 9/1/2015

MaidSafe Coin has experienced a welcome and healthy price rise over the past week after a period of fairly unsurprising stagnation. Whilst the past month was sadly disasterous for MaidSafeCoin, Spetember is off to a bang with helathy price movement in the right direction.

Below is the price graph depicting the movement of the coin over the past 7 days. As seen below the signs are positive as the value increases steadily over the period of time.



MaidSafeCoin has come a long way from thwe previous low of 0.00008301 BTC to current levels. Whilst the current growth is considered a beneficial sign for the future of the coin and has helped to increase average volumes and ultimately the market cap of the coin. While this slow and steady rise has none of the signs shown in many of the previous price rallies. Whilst many previous price rallies were much faster and had occurred at unsustainable rates, the current price rise of just over 5% signals otherwise. With volumes increasing steadily at a rate of over $1,000 a day, it seems that the current price movement may be cuasing a shift in investor sentiment. Whilst this may not be a complete trend reversal as many would agree that the figure of 0.00011 BTC is going to be pivotal. This price range has caused immense resistance for the coin and has the capability to produce a double top. With prices at just over 0.00009 BTC this may occur sooner than many think. Personally I would set a target of 0.0001 BTC which should ideally be achieved with in the next 48 hours considering the current rate of growth. Whilst this price rise is a welcome change it may not be here to stay as the momentum just is not enough to propel prices sky high. Remember never invest more than you can afford to lose.


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