MAIDsafe Technical Analysis for 03/10/2016 – Big Move Imminent?

The MAIDsafe digital token has been grinding away in a progressively tightening range for the past four days. The 30-minute chart shows a clear triangle formation, which means that pressure is building up in the market, and that a large move may be imminent.


The 0.00026 pivot zone – which I outlined in my prior MAIDsafe article – has become even more important in the past three days. Since the 7th, the 0.00026 price level has been respect by by the market on multiple occasions as support/resistance. Price is now trading 0.000266, so the 0.00026 may now act as support again.


The price range between 0.000235 & 0.00024, has acted as support two more times since my previous article. Any future sell-off will very likely encounter lots of support in the vicinity of this price range. Mark this one on your chart!



Disclaimer:  This is not trading/investment advice!

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