Lucyd – Decentralizing the AR Space with Glasses

It’s not every day that an ICO comes around with thirteen patented technologies for a virtual space that’s expected to boom. By introducing their token LCD, Lucyd endeavors to make the future of augmented reality decentralized.

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With the traditional market realizing that AR is no gimmick, market experts expect that the AR space will be worth 134 billion dollars by 2021. In the nascent stages of this technical revolution, Lucyd has procured thirteen patents from the University of Central Florida that optimizes AR visionware.

These patents allow for a sleek design with familiarity. Wearing Lucyd glasses is expected to be like wearing normal prescription glasses. These innovations come as a relief to prospective users who expect glasses to be comfortable to wear. Not only are Lucyd’s designs comfortable to wear, they will allow for prescribed lens wear as well.

The glasses will also give 120° field of vision which is vastly superior to the Lumens head mounted display (HMD) which is expected to provide 55° or the Google Glass which yielded 54°. By cutting down the size of the AR frame, Lucyd is also able to cut down the waste of light use in the machine. This in turn provides a better optical resolution.

Innovation doesn’t just stop with the frame size. Lucyd’s head mounted display will plug into your smart phone, an improvement that allows for energy efficiency as well as access to your handheld operating system whether it be Android or iOS.

Lucyd plans on working with app stores to provide apps unique to their HMD. As Lucyd grows they intend to decentralize and introduce the Lucyd Lab which is an independent store that provides native apps and other products in return for LCD.

Lucyd intends to raise the 25 million dollars that they need from their 50 million LCD sale. Another 50 million LCD is designated to go to lock for the team. LCD will go on sale exclusively for Ether. All the money raised by the ICO will go into development of a prototype, business development, administration and legal compliance. The exact amount of Ether, an LCD is worth will be determined by the sale date. And Lucyd intends to sell their AR device for LCD exclusively.

Lucyd’s team, led by Konrad Dabrowski, Eric Cohen, and Harrison Gross, is very confident in their published patents allowing a seamless user experience. It is a rare ICO with patents and an experienced team with quality advisors. The research professor that developed the thirteen patents, Janick Rolland Ph.D., works as an advisor and optics expert.

Lucyd ensures that they will only have a sale like this once. Any tokens not sold are kept in the team’s storage. The pre sale which is capped at 25 million has already started this Oct 17.