London Startup Uses Artificial Intelligence for OTC Bitcoin Trades

Many people want to make money by trading Bitcoin. In a passive way would be ideal, and AI may be able to help with that concept. 

The use of artificial intelligence in crypto trading is virtually non-existent.

Artificial Intelligence and Bitcoin

For some reason, London-based AiX decided to experiment with this option.

It now has a Bitcoin-USD trading solution based on artificial intelligence.

This is part of the company’s long-term plan to replace human brokers with AI in the very near future.

Albeit this trial project is very limited, it marks an important milestone regardless.

The artificial intelligence system communicates with traders through direct messages.

This allows it to match clients looking to buy and sell.

By effectively removing the middleman from the equation, the service is without cost and much faster.

If this trial proves successful, support for traditional markets will follow soon.

The concept of replacing humans with AI will remain controversial.

A lot of people remain very wary of artificial intelligence, especially if their money is on the line.

That being said, this approach can unlock tremendous potential in OTC trading.

The coming years will become very interesting for the financial sector as a whole.

A lot of will change between now and the end of the decade.